In these challenging times, one of our top priorities is to support our employees, their families, the Armed Forces, and the Ukrainian economy. We recognize the significance of creating new jobs for Ukrainians, which is why we persist in expanding our team. Our confidence lies in the belief that together, we will make a greater impact on the revival of Ukraine's economy and pave the way to victory!


At OBRIO, we're always on the lookout for talented individuals! People are at the heart of what we do.

We have built our success story with a talented and dedicated team and have found that employee referrals are one of the most effective ways to attract people who are likely to be a good fit for our open positions.

If you'd like to refer someone, simply reach out to our HR bot on Telegram and submit a request. Our recruiter will be in touch and guide you through the process. As a reward for a successful referral, you will receive a cash bonus πŸ’΅

Keep recommending!

  • Provision of necessary equipment

  • Assistance with relocation to safe locations and guidance on legal stay abroad

  • Help in securing accommodation during evacuation or relocation

  • Reimbursement for training, access to a comprehensive corporate library, and internal online meetings and lectures

  • 20 annual leave days and unlimited sick leave, as well as online team-building events

  • Access to online corporate medical services and medical insurance in Ukraine or abroad